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Vibralite Courses

Vibralite 1 -Coming soon

​​​​​​​Come join me for a day of learning this new and amazing modality and start your journey of healing and vibrating at a totally higher level.


I am so excited to be teaching this amazing new energy. It has changed my whole life. The energy brought a calm to my soul in a way I didn't even realize. It Healed me from the inside out. I had been through a lot over the years and Vibralite brought a true sense of peace within me.

In this Course you will learn all about where Vibralite 1 came from and how to use Vibralite by asking a simple request. After your attunement you will be able to give and send Vibralite to your family, friends, pets and of course yourself.

Vibralite creates a deep and natural healing experience.

​Vibralite is a very pure and new energy. It contains a unique combination of sound and light frequencies, colour therapy, and crystalline energy.

Vibralite’s frequencies enable the entire being to resonate at its own natural frequency, empowering it to heal itself and restore health.

Vibralite is holistic, and infuses into all levels of mind, body and spirit.

Vibralite changes your energy and your vibration. It provides an opening to receiving healing. It comes from within, moving through in a continuous flow.

Vibralite Courses

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