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"It is truly amazing on the beauty that surrounds each and every one of us each day.  Look for the beauty and embrace it into your being. Share it with your loved ones and all around you "
Pamela Brodeur

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For years my calling was to help people in many ways. One of those ways is through daily reflections. I was writing these on Social media until one of my friends told me I needed to write a book.

Spirit has always been a big part of my life. Through all the trials and tribulations I have been through, Spirit has called upon me to write these daily reflections. With these daily reflections they have brought inspiration, gratitude, realization & hope too many. This has been one of my dreams to help and inspire as many people as I can. These are all done from the heart and soul through Spirit and I hope you find them as inspiring and rewarding as others have.

If you would like a copy here are some links you can use.