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Explaining how to play the Tibetan Bowls.
Watch MP4 below to get a sample of what the bowls sound like and see if you can see the ORBS

Healing through sound and vibration has been known to:

Reduce Stress
Allows your soul to reconnect with its divinity
The vibration of the bowls is healing and is deep and rich in information
Raises your vibration
See and feel through the sound of the Tibetan Bowls and Gongs
Improve concentration
Reduce blood pressure
Stimulate life force flow in the body
Improve immunity
Harmonize the Chakras with the energy field
Heighten intuition and perception
Synchronize the brain hemispheres
Remove mental and emotional negativity
Enhance creativity
Shift our energy frequency from lower to higher
Removes the lower frequencies of emotions such as fear, anger, and resentment.  

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing - Mind, Body & Soul - with Blue Butterfly

Power of 3 Experience

Allow your soul to reconnect with its divinity!

This is a rare opportunity to be walked through three guided meditations with Spirit as you're taken deeper with the ancient singing of the Tibetan Bowls.
The vibration of the Tibetan bowls is healing and is deep and rich in information.  You will be encouraged to raise vibration. Your own vibration. The vibration of the planet!  See and feel through the sound of the Tibetan bowls and Gongs.  The energy is palpable!

I will play my powerful Tibetan healing bowls to deliver 3 very personal and private levels of healing. Amazing experiences!
The first twenty-minute session will focus on each person's physical ailments (aches and pains)

The second twenty -minute session concentrates on your emotional well-being, what you are feeling and going through
Then finally the third twenty-minute session will deliver a unified healing - physical body, mind and soul.

Everyone will have the opportunity to write and talk about their healing and experiences, something to save and reflect on.

Tibetan bowl and Gong meditation with Blue Butterfly

This platform is an opportunity for your soul to reconnect with its divinity. You will be walked through a guided meditation with Spirit. The vibration of Tibetan bowls is healing, deep and rich in information. This evening is geared for the people who are new to Tibetan bowls and Gongs. It’s an excellent opportunity for questions and exchange of experience. This way of channeling keeps enriching my life and journey. It’s brought me here to be with you and introduce you to these beautiful spiritual instruments. If you are drawn to this experience do not hesitate, please come join us to reconnect with your soul and its divinity!

Tibetan bowl and Gong Channeling with Blue Butterfly

In this class you will be guided and encouraged to experience the Tibetan bowls and Gongs to channel with these beautiful instruments. You will be encouraged to raise vibration. Your own vibration! The vibration of the planet! To see and feel through the sound of Tibetan bowls and Gongs. This class you will have an opportunity to exchange information and experience with mind like people. To hopefully build yourself a network of support in your transformation to a better understanding of who you really are.


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