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Testimonials for Tibetan Bowls

Pam is a gifted sound healer!  I received a distance healing from her when I had a severe cold and lost my voice.  My voice was gone for almost a full week with no signs of returning and I needed it back for an event.  She focused the healing on my throat and I felt a buzzing in my throat and then it turned to twitching for the entire session.  I also felt as if I had been wrapped up in the softest loving fur.  An amazing experience.  The next day I began to regain my voice and had it in time for my event.   Thank you! (Regina)

I also had an in person session with Pam and her fantastic bowls.  Nothing short of awe struck.  Each bowl she used felt completely different and caused different results.  Loved the whole experience!  I can’t recommend this service enough as it works on all levels on consciousness and will surely bring you to a higher state. 

Thanks Pam!!(Regina)

My experience with healing bowls is one that I will always remember.  I have bad knees.  The comfort I received through a healing bowl session was very satisfying.  I had a sense of relief that I had not felt in quite some time.  I would recommend it to anyone who has a significant amount of recurring pain. It was very satisfying and heartwarming.(John) 

I did a distant healing on a client who was  having shoulder pain along with other ailments.  He let me know the next day after his session that he had relief from the pain and that he felt more energized. (Bob)

Pam's sound healing meditation was amazing! The sound kept me on track for each of the meditations and allowed me to find my sacred space quickly.  Highly recommended! RL Merrimack

Testimonials for Vibralite and Tibetan Bowls
I have been blessed to have met Pam almost five years ago. She is grounded, humble and a very kind being of light. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Pam’s Tibetan Bowls and Gong Meditations which brings incredible relaxation. I always have new insights during these sessions. Recently I’ve had several healing sessions with Pam called Vibralite Energy Healing. I’ve experienced this as a powerful and profound energy session that raises my vibration to incredible
heights. I have deep and profound encounters with spirit while being able dive into my inner being and experience great healing. My Vibralite sessions have helped me to release mental and emotional blocks as well as some intense
physical energy obstructions in my abdomen. Highly recommended

Testimonials for Reiki

I first started receiving Reiki treatments some 27yrs ago to heal my alcohol and drug addiction . Hands on energy work saved my life i couldn't put the substances down and was dying . i have been clean and sober for over 25yrs . Since then i have received and given Reiki treatments . The awareness and connectedness we get from giving treatments is amazing . What a gift .

My name is Kristina & a few years ago I was introduced to Reiki. I was about to go through a intense medical treatment for a life threatening disease & I also had been suffering from neck & lower back pain for several years. I met Pam shortly before I was to start taking some powerful medication that would potentially make me very ill & when I told her this she suggested I start getting Reiki. We met a few times after that for a couple different sessions & almost immediately I noticed a major difference in my pain levels & my all around physical being, so much that I inquired about starting to do Reiki myself. So I inquired about it & Pam became my Reiki teacher & over the years I have gotten my Master Reiki Certification through her guidance. The medical treatment I went through was manageable with continued Reiki sessions with Pam & through doing Reiki on myself, I only missed one day of work & managed to maintain my normal activities with minimized side effects from the medication I was on.  I am very grateful to Pam for all her guidance & thanks to her I am able to help many others in the same way she has & continues to help me.


Reiki brought new meaning to my life. I found i was able to make a positive difference in my life as well as in other people's and animal's lives with hands on and distant Reiki. It has empowered me in many aspects of my life and restored dignity when i allowed my mind, body or spirit energy levels to get low. Sharing Reiki with my father just prior to his passing has been one of the most significant experiences of my life. I know I can always make a difference in my or someone else's life whether they are ill or just frustrated standing in a long shopping line. I am never bored. I don't always need a book, phone, music or people. I can always send Reiki to the world!


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