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"It is truly amazing on the beauty that surrounds each and every one of us each day.  Look for the beauty and embrace it into your being. Share it with your loved ones and all around you "

Pamela Brodeur

Are you feeling tired and stressed?  Do you ever want to just relax and rejuvinate your soul? Is your body telling you it is time to just be in the moment and find peace?  Then you are in the right place.  Sound healing and Reiki/Vibralite healing is just what you need.

When you take that time to just breath and relax with the beautiful sounds of the Tibetan & Crystal Bowls and Gongs, it will take you to a place of bliss, it will help relax and energize your soul.  The sounds and vibrations travel through your body to bring it back to balance and calm.  Try it out today or come for a Sound healing session.  

If the sounds may be too much for you then why not try some Reiki or Vibralite energy sessions to help relax, destress and bring your mind, body and soul back into alignment.    If you want daily inspiration check out the book "Blue Butterfly Daily Reflections" written by Pam Brodeur.